Kingsfield School, 1937. 

1937 School Photograph (from Bill Mitchelson). Click on the image for a larger version.

Bill wrote (in December 2002): "Here's my first attempt at scanning the Kingsfield School picture even though it is still in its frame.

"I think I have the capability of drawing circles around faces and such but I don't know how to use it. However, I will put some names to faces by describing the locations. In all cases read from left to right as we look at the picture. Row 1 will be the first row of seated boys. I am in Row 3, third one in (from left), the first standing row behind the staff and other older boys.

"The Rev. Newton is the tall man seated in center (Row 2, seventh in), to his left (our right) is Mrs. Newton, on her left in Mrs. Petty and to her left is a German woman and I think her name was Bishop but my memory is very sketchy on that.

"To Rev. Newton's right (our left) is Mr. Owl (sp?) who taught science and mathematics, I believe. To his right is Mr. Butler who I think was the football (soccer) coach. I don't recall the younger man to Butler's right.

"In the first row, Row 1, seated, first (from our left) is a boy who I believe is named Christopher Clemow; second in is a boy named Dudley, possbly Michael Dudley but I am not at all sure about that; seventh is Brennan Jones, who was my best friend and killed by the Mau Mau back in the 1950's I believe; eighth I think is Robert Watt; tenth seated boy is possibly Peter Anchor, and the eleventh is Forsyth and I think his name was Jim, or James. He lived almost across the street from us on Green Lane in Oxhey.

"In the third row, second in, from our left, is again a doubtful identification but I believe it is Joseph Kemp; next is me, and the fifth boy in the next row, No. 5, is a boy named Bush or Busch but I don't remember his first name although I think I stayed overnight at his home a few times.

"Curiously, in one of the pictures posted on the site -- the classroom shot from the prospectus -- the first boy in the first row could be me. My wife looked at it but was not convinced. She has known me about 52 years but I was about 21 or so when we met.

"Sorry I clipped off the boy in Row 1, far right. He's on the original picture but the scan didn't get him because I clipped him off. If you want me to do it again I can and will be sure to include him. I'm sure there is a boy pictured here who was the son of my parents' closest friends in England but I can't pick him out. Isn't that awful? His name was Ian Hinton and I think he also lived in Oxhey but I am not sure.

"This was the whole school so it apparently was quite a bit smaller in enrollment that when you folks were there, judging from the picture on the site."

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