Kingsfield School, 1955. 

1955 School Photograph (from Rob George). Click on the image for a larger version.

Mark 'Buster' Carpenter comments: "Seated row Starting 5th from right and going towards left from my memory-- Cranston, Howard Browning, Mark Carpenter, Armitage, Neil Mclaren, Michael Wilkins, don't know, don't know, unknown mistress, Mr Hyland, Mrs Harford, Mr Pullen, Mr Sobey, Mrs Sobey, Mr Jacobs, unknown mistress, Phyllis (cook), 4 don't knows, Rodney Knowles, don't know, Mikey Harford, White, and then nothing until extreme left - Betham. Joe the caretaker (Phullis' husband) is second from left in the next row back and the boy in that same row behind and between White and Harford is Soppitt."

Sports Day 1955, supplied by Mark 'Buster' Carpenter

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